Fishing enthusiasts will enjoy themselves in Trutnov and its surroundings. It is possible to do some fishing in the lake called Severka, close to sports and recreational area Dolce. The trout fishing is best on the Úpa river, in the section between Svoboda nad Úpou and the power plant in Trutnov Poříčí.

Trutnov, fishing

Where to get a permit

A fishing license can be obtained at the Department of the Environment, Trutnov Council Office, Slovanské nám. 165, phone +420 499 803 249. The applicant must prove basic fishing knowledge (certificate of qualification or previous fishing license), ID card (a passport for foreigners) and fill in the form "Fishing licence application” (available at the Ministry of the Environment). All other information on the fishing licence can be found at this link here 

A necessary condition for obtaining a fishing permit is the previous issue of state fishing license (see above).

The agent in Rybářské potřeby store - IKA will issue a guest permit.
adress: nám. Horníků 495, 541 01 Trutnov
phone: +420 499 819 225, +420 603 298 203

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