Trutnov dragon defeat legend

In ancient times, when there was still a deep forest around and only merchants with their carriages travelled through these parts, Prince Oldřich sent the knight Albrecht of Trautenberg to the foothills of the Giant Mountains to lead those who were to inhabit local wild landscape.

Trutnov dragon defeat legend

Among the many people who came here at the time were two Masonic companions, Pavel and Mikuláš. When Mr. Albrecht announced to his people that he wanted to build a city above the river Úpa, they both went to a deep forest to look for stone for the construction of new houses. They waded through the thickets and suddenly heard the disturbing voice of a raven. Bad omen? They wanted to know why the sinister bird was croaking so wildly, so they hurried to where his screams came from. They saw the ravens on the edge of a deep ravine, and when they looked down, they suddenly understood ...

At the bottom of the gorge, they saw a huge dragon. He was sprawling on the grass, having just devoured a large animal. He was breathing heavily, and with each loud breath, fire came from his mouth and black smoke from his nostrils. His whole body was covered with scales, and his membranous wings hung on his sides. At the back of the dragon in the rock they saw a black entrance into the cave - the dragon’s den.

Both friends got scared and ran to their people. On the way back, they made marks on the tree trunks with an axe to be able to find the dragon’s den again. They told Mr. Albrecht about their adventure. He laughed at the idea at first. There are no dragons alive, ha! However, Pavel and Mikuláš swore that they were telling the pure truth. So Mr. Albrecht ordered chains and ropes to be loaded and ventured with a large gang to the ravine above the dragon's den.  And this is how they all happened to see that the dragon is real.

Mr. Albrecht instructed his people to make a solid wooden cage which they hung above the body of the dragon. Then they carefully lowered small lamb to the bottom of the gorge as a bait. The dragon sniffed the tempting prey and began to move slowly towards the lamb. But at the same time people had already thrown a cage at it fitted with sharp points, on the top of which they threw a lot of stones. Most of them on the head and tail. The wooden cage was very heavy, and the dragon could not move beneath it. He started screeching terribly. Fire was spat from his mouth into the distance, but the trap held him in place. Mr. Albrecht quickly ordered many logs and small bushes to be thrown at the dragon and then set everything on fire. The dark surroundings were shrouded in dark, thick smoke, in which the dragon suffocated with a maddening roar.

When it was all over, the people skinned the dragon with great joy. They dried the skin in the sun, stuffed it with shavings and hung it in a stone tower. The town of Trutnov, which was later built here, was named after the surname of Mr. Albrecht and the stuffed dragon was dedicated to the prince Oldřich in memory to the brave deed of the town founders.