Artu kus

Everyone who is curious and creative will enjoy the Artu Kus Festival. The festival of theatre, music, dance, visual arts and everything in between will offer the audience slam poetry duels, several theatre performances, video mapping screenings and a varied multi-genre music programme.

Trutnov, Venue Bojiště
Trutnov, Venue Bojiště, Festival Artu kus

Top performers

Among the performers will be Geisslers Hoffcomoedianten from Prague's VILA Štvanice, a performance of movement theatre and contemporary dance, or the strange Czech-Icelandic project of Václav Havelka from Please The Trees fyield, mixing electronic music with the sounds of nature - and the famous elephant Jumbo wiil appear as well.

About the festival

However, Artu Kus does not stop there: it does not put the audience in the role of passive spectators, but traditionally offers visitors the opportunity to try out a number of creative and craft activities: from the creation of animated films to ceramics and linocutting to the production of barefoot shoes. This year, there will even be a music workshop or a chance to try your on your own glassblowing.
The music programme will be especially interesting this year, including the rapper Hugo Toxxx, the well-known Prague electronic band Skyline, the klezmer group Trombenik and the American rapper and raggamuffin Jamalski. In addition to them, there will be a number of less famous, but undoubtedly interesting and refreshing projects, which have recently been receiving praise from both the professional and the general public: Zdeněk Bina's improvising jazz/funky/blues minus123minut, the electropop trio Koňe a Prase, Samir Hauser's alter ego Bruno Ferrari, the unconventional electrojazz fusion X_jazz, the guitar new wave Noisetrap, and ex-member of Blue Effect and Walk Choc Ice Honza Křížek. This is a solid (and by domestic standards quite bold) selection from the current Czech alternative scene, which visitors to Prague and Brno clubs know well, but you can rarely hear them together at an outdoor festival.

About the venue

A significant advantage of Artu Kus is the location where it takes place: a beautiful natural area with an amphitheatre that alternates between sunny spots and the shade of trees. At night, the park also comes alive with breathtaking light projections, turning it literally into a fairy-tale forest - those who haven't seen it won't believe it. Until recently, the whole area was in a state of disrepair and was only revived by the creators of the new festival, who brought back the social and cultural bustle to the place and also revived the old tradition of open air cinema screenings. The location near the mountains is perfect for such a "small" and alternative festival, ideal for all those who like a quieter environment and for families with children - in addition to all kinds of creative and sporting activities for children, there is also a small forest kindergarten where parents can leave them for a while if they want to devote themselves to a programme for adults. (Admission is free for children up to 13 years of age - the same for seniors over 70 and holders of Disabled Persons' Certificates.)
Trutnov, a picturesque town under the Giant Mountains, can rightly be called the city of festivals. The area called Bojiště is situated in close proximity to the main access road in the direction of Hradec Králové, at the site of a battle fought long ago.

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