Babiččino údolí by bicycle

Babiččino údolí in Ratibořice is another destination that is within the reach of Trutnov by bike. You will ride through the historic town of Úpice, the amazing village of Havlovice, along the river Úpa through the forest to a fairytale village called “Babiččino údolí” with all the beautiful sites like Viktorka's weir, an old Launderers’ Cottage and the Mill etc. Then you will continue through the gardens of Ratibořice Castle and follow the track to the town of Česká Skalice. You can come back to Trutnov the same way on your bicycle or take a train.

Trutnov, Babiččino údolí by bicycle

The route is easy, but long if you choose to return by bike. It leads along small sideroads and forest paths where there is only a little traffic or pedestrian movement. If you choose to return by train from Česká Skalice, the length of the route is about 30 km (bicycle train carriages run at intervals of about 2 hours), returning by bike is about 70 km long route. It is a great idea to us e-bike, it is also suitable for trekking bikes.

Because the river Úpa flows downstream to Česka Skalice, on the way back the track slowly rises all the way towards Trutnov. Even though the way back is mostly rising up a steep hill, the beautiful views of the foothills will open up to you just above Česká Skalice.

The list of destinations: Trutnov -> Úpice (via Radeč) -> Havlovice -> Babiččino údolí -> Ratibořice -> Česká Skalice -> Hořičky -> Brzice (Proruby) -> Studenec (Trutnov) -> Trutnov

Places worth visiting

  1. Agricultural Museum Radeč - a broad assortment of objects documenting various areas of human activity: agriculture and livestock farming, food processing and food storage, equipment for crafts (shoemaker, carpenter, weaver, laundress, spinning mill worker, seamstress), children's corner and the kitchen. You can easily spend here an hour, but also a whole day. It is open from June to September, in July and August daily except Mondays.
  2. Wooden cottage in Úpice - the wooden two-storey building is a National Heritage site, commonly inhabited until the year 2000. Currently after reconstruction, it is a part of the Úpice Museum. In addition to examples of household equipment, there is an herbal display. Set aside about 1 hour for a visit. Open all year round daily except Mondays. Upon arrival to Úpice, follow the signs Dřevěnka museum.
  3. Primrose candy - mash the primrose flowers, pour a little water, and add a lot of sugar or honey. Let the water evaporate and get tasty cough drops. In Dřevěnka you will find many such great grandmother's recipes and instructions for herbal remedies.
  4. Wooden footbridge Havlovice (also restaurant) - technically interesting wooden construction and a pleasant place to stop for refreshments
  5. Grandma's Valley - the valley is, in fact, just as beautiful as depicted in the famous book “Grandmother”. You will find Viktorka's sluice here. The current weir is no longer the original one, but on warm days it is ideal for wading. Some days you will find an ice-cream cart offering great homemade popsicles.
  6. Old Launderers’ Cottage - how small a space was enough in those days for people to live in. You can have a peek in for free.
  7. Rudr's Mill - it is guarded by “old man Prošek” (the miller) and while resting you can have a snack here. We recommend a great snack called “Poplamenice” for example. On Saturday afternoons in summer, various open-air concerts take place here.
  8. Mill and wooden water press machine - museum exhibition with entrance fee.