Chapel of St. Joseph in Slavětín

The restored chapel of St. Joseph in Slavětín near Trutnov in the village of Radvanice has been awarded an Honourable Mention in the Building of the Year 2021 competition. Its charm lies not only in the reconstruction itself, but especially in its connection with art in the broadest sense of the word. The interior is completed by Veronika Psotková's airy wire figures, a steel lily by Michal Gabriel blooms at the entrance, and Poeziomat stands nearby. The chapel is a part of the broad cultural events in EPO 1 - the centre of contemporary art in Trutnov, with which it is also connected by the personality of its founder.


Trutnov, Radvanice, Slavětín, Chapel of St. Joseph

The great supporters of art from Trutnov, Rudolf and Renata Kasper, saved the Slavětín sanctuary from destruction and reconstructed not only the building, but also gave it a new spirit. In the landscaped area at the end of the world, a steel lily by the academic sculptor Michal Gabriel blooms next to the entrance to the chapel. It is one of the steel slat works created in collaboration between the artist and the KASPER KOVO factory. Veronika Psotková's airy wire figures are inspired by the original altar, where the central figure was St. Joseph with the baby Jesus. The third figure is the necessary Virgin Mary. The others are the unearthly angels.
Through the Kasper family, the Slavětín chapel is closely connected with their other artistic venture, the EPO 1 Contemporary Art Centre gallery, which was created in the historic building of the first power plant in Trutnov Poříčí.
The chapel is also the location of their ArtPoint, where occasional cultural events of all genres are held.

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Radvanice, Slavětín