Jazzinec - Festival finale

A regular part of the festival finale this year will be the award ceremony of the unique JAZZ WORLD PHOTO competition, which will once again attract the attention of global jazz fans.

At the finals you can look forward to the group OZMA from France, MELISSA ALDANA Q. from Chile and the trio LIAM NOBLE, PAUL CLARVIS AND JIRIŘÍ SLAVÍK, a combination of Ukraine and the Czech Republic.

Trutnov, Community Centre UFFO
Trutnov, Community Centre UFFO, Festival finale

Practical information

Tickets for 490 CZK can be purchased at the TIC Trutnov, at the reception of SC Uffo or on line 

About the performers

French band OZMA play an explosive mix of groove, dense jazz and rock energy, including a good dose of humour and emotion, taut, driving melodies, pop headlines, crushing riffs, dreamy surfaces and sonic eruptions. Their leader, trombonist Guillaume Nuss, is one of France's most renowned masters of the wind instrument. Other members include percussionist Stéphane Scharlé and double bassist Édouard Séro-Guillaume, both of whom have written much of the repertoire, as well as saxophonist Julien Soro and guitarist Tam de Villiers. Ozma was founded in 2001. Since breaking away from its native France in 2007, it has played more than three hundred concerts throughout Europe, America, Africa and India. They have also experimented with combining music with film, photography and the visual arts in general.

Melissa Aldana was born in Santiago, Chile and grew up in a musical family. Her father and grandfather played the saxophone and she followed in their footsteps when she was just six years old. At the age of 24, she became the first instrumentalist and the first South American musician to win the Thelonia Monk International Jazz Saxophone Competition, and later graduated from the renowned Berklee College. In 2019, she released the successful album Visions, inspired by Frida Kahlo. Aldana drew a parallel between her experience as a saxophonist in a predominantly male community and Frida Kahlo's experience as a visual artist trying to make it in a field that was also dominated by men.
Her unique talents did not go unnoticed by Blue Note, and last year, 12 Stars was released under the wing of the iconic label. The album deals with themes of parenting, family forgiveness, acceptance and self-love.
Her tenor saxophone has a beautiful, clear and warm sound. Aldana has fantastic technique, original phrasing and emotive tone color. She plays melodic, brilliantly arching solos in which she develops themes over a long area. He intersperses longer passages with shorter phrases, super-fast figures with longer notes. And he gives it his all. Melissa Aldana has been nominated for a Grammy in the Best Jazz Solo category!


The Noble-Slavík-Clarvis Trio plays pure acoustic music that draws on the jazz tradition and playing styles of the past. However, it creatively transforms these into a contemporary form while suggesting possible future developments of the genre.
The trio brings together Czech double bassist Jiri Slavik and two musicians from the UK, a generation older than him - the leading English jazz pianist Liam Noble and Abbey Road drummer Paul Clarvis. The collaborative recordings of this acclaimed duo have been a major influence on Slavik since he first met them as a student at London's Royal Academy of Music. Noble and Clarvis have played together in a variety of formations and downright enjoy coming together as a duo, sailing through pop, classical and jazz repertoire with ease, charm and grace. Both musicians are always able to play dynamically and enjoy making music together.
Jiří Slavík often mentions the joy of making music. It is the alpha and omega of his various musical projects. His meeting with the Noble-Clarvis duo in Brno a few years ago gradually grew into a joint trio and an album, which was released this year on Bivak Records. The title of the album Nostalgie suggests that it is a return to the past. Alongside original music, the album features arrangements of George Gershwin and Charles Mingus or unexpected cover versions of the world-famous songs It's a Long Way To Tipperary and Pity Love. However, the trio places jazz standards and timeless hits in a contemporary context.

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