Monument to Uffo Horn

Uffo Horn was a Trutnov poet, playwright and revolutionary. In 1889, the city had a monument built in the main part of the City Park but was moved from place to place due to several regime changes. After the founding of Czechoslovakia, the monument was moved to the square only to utilize the empty pedestal after the statue of Emperor Joseph II was removed. Later, the monument and the pedestal were moved back but to the furthest corner of the park, away from the road. The Horn Memorial did not return to its original location until after 2000.

Trutnov, Monument to Uffo Horn

Uffo Horn was born into a local ethnically mixed family in 1817, but all his life he declared himself exclusively Czech and respected Czech history. This was reflected in his literary works and the representation of the Czech nation on various occasions. In the revolutionary year of 1848, Horn even became the commander of the National Guard which under his leadership joined the Prague Uprising. Uffo Horn is thus one of the most important figures in Trutnov's history. 

In the 1990s, the street in Červený Kopec was named after Uffo Horn as well as a new UFFO community centre with the theatre café in 2010. Uffo Horn died at the age of 43. His grave in the local cemetery is decorated with a tombstone relief and a weeping muse by the Prague sculptor Tomáš Seidan.

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