Park and forest park

The city park, founded in 1890 on the slopes of the Janský and Šibeník Hills, is a magical place for a short walk or a half-day outing. Adjacent is a forest park and suburban woodland with many well-maintained paths. It is possible to take a simple stroll or follow the nature trails:


Trutnov, Park and forest park


The park entrance is just behind the parking lot “U studny”. It literally takes a few minutes from the town square and across the main road to get there.

The lower part is decorated in the French style with a fountain and the ever-present dragon (which used to be in the square until the end of the 19th century). Take the wide staircase up to the higher levels of the park where there is the bust of Uffo Horn, a local poet and revolutionary of 1848. Another interesting monument is a sculpture of Death, one of the most important works of Trutnov sculptor Emil Schwantner, who became famous especially for his anti-war monuments after the First World War.

The very well-maintained paths will take you round the petrified trees to the English-style arboretum. Apart from many beautiful specimens, the park also boasts the second tallest tree in the Czech Republic, a black pine.

Forest Park

As you climb higher and higher, you will move gradually into the forest park and suburban woodland, which are the real pride of the city and through which you can walk for many hours without fear of getting lost. In many places you can enjoy stunning views of Trutnov and the Giant Mountains.

Through park and forest park will lead you two natural trails "The Day of the Battle of Trutnov" and "Rýbrcoul educational trail"


Fit trails

On Paratrack, Houska Hill and Poříčský Ridge, you can test your fitness on outdoor fitness trails. After that you can take a well-deserved rest in rest areas or gazebos, which are equipped with a fireplace and supplied firewood. You might enjoy a small barbecue there.

The forests are very friendly to visitors, please be friendly back and observe the visitor rules, tidiness and tranquillity.

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