Sculpture of the Overthrow of St. Jan Nepomucký and of the Holy Family

The Baroque sculpture of St. Jan Nepomucký martyrdom from 1728 is one of the few preserved sculptural monuments of Trutnov. It was crafted in the workshop of Jiří Pacák, a contemporary of Matyáš Bernard Braun, the creator of the famous sculpture works in nearby Kuks. The sculpture is in Horská Street opposite the post office, in the place of the former bridge over the Mlýnský náhon (Millrace). The millrace was symbolically restored during the reconstruction of the pedestrian zone.

Trutnov, Sculpture of the Overthrow of St. Jan Nepomucký

Sculpture of the Overthrow of St. Jan Nepomucký

The sculpture has changed habitat several times in the past. Even after World War II, it was raising on the bridge over Mlýnský náhon to be moved between the polyclinic at that time and spa to the right bank of the Úpa in 1973, before it was later returned to the original area opposite the post office.

Sculpture of the Holy Famili

Another sculpture which may be attributed to Pacák's workshop, may be found between the museum building and the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary. It is a Holy Family sculpture from 1730. In addition to Špork's Kuks, the Pacák brothers also worked in Žireč and other places of the then Jesuit estate, such as Žacléř.

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