Underground in the city park

From a medieval tale from the chronicle of Simon Hüttl we learn how the miners of Meissen were searching for gold in the lower part of the present-day town park around 1511, but instead of gold they came across a strong underground spring, which prevented them from further searching.

Trutnov, Underground in the city park

Instead, the Trutnov residents used the already excavated, 12 fathoms (=23 m) long adit for the construction of a water pipeline. But only in the second half of the 16th century. The builder Hans Schreyber of Volanov built a water supply system with a water intake, which led spring water from here through a 370-metre-long wooden pipe to the square to public fountains, the spa and the brewery. It was the oldest water supply system in Trutnov, and the owner of the estate at the time, Kryštof of Gendorf, contributed 20 kopecks, which was the amount he received as an annual fee from the town.
The Trutnov underground is located approximately 7 metres below the surface. The passageway is carved out of the red Permian sandstone, a rock which, however, does not contain any usable minerals, such as metal ores, the search for and extraction of which in the past was the reason for the creation of the passageway.
So if you are attracted by the mysterious places underground and you are not afraid to look beneath the surface, you can take advantage of our offer of guided tours and in the summer months go down to the underground of the Trutnov City Park, where you will be able to explore both the oldest preserved stone parts of this underground and the brick sections dating from the last modifications in the late nineteenth century.

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