Cinema Vesmír

The Vesmír cinema is located at Nábřeží Václava Havla No. 20 in Trutnov. In the 1920s, it replaced the insufficient capacity cinema in Havlíčkova Street, which was, however, also in operation until the 1970s. Between 2021 and September 2023 the cinema underwent a complete reconstruction. On 7 September 2023, after a two-year break, it welcomed visitors again.

Cinema Vesmír

Construction of the cinema

The construction of the cinema was quite demanding. It required the partial covering of the millrace, which flowed in the vicinity of the future construction site. In addition, the foundations of the building had to be excavated down to the bedrock to the level of the Úpa riverbed. Great care was taken to insulate the cinema to prevent the groundwater penetrating from the millrace. A high fire wall also had to be built to separate the cinema from the neighbouring Schmidt's steam cleaning and laundry. On 1 March 1929, the cinema with 500 seats on the ground floor and 250 seats on the balcony officially opened. It was attended by the elite of Trutnov and representatives of film companies.

The interest in the new cinema was enormous. Trutnov was then one of the first towns in the region whose cinema was equipped with modern sound equipment. After the Second World War the cinema was called Stalin's Cinema, later it was renamed Vesmir. In 1975-1976 it underwent extensive reconstruction.

The next reconstruction of the Vesmír cinema took place between 2021 and 2023. The current space has two halls. The large one "Blue Galaxy" can accommodate up to 256 visitors. The second, smaller hall "Red Dwarf" has a capacity of 39 seats.  In addition to the two auditoriums, the cinema offers a modern cinematic experience, refreshments and wheelchair access, including an induction loop to improve sound for people with hearing aids.

On the occasion of Václav Havel's 87th birthday, a commemorative plaque of Václav Havel by academic sculptor Prof. Michael Gabriel was unveiled on 5 October 2023 and adorns the façade of the new cinema.

Youth Film Festival

The Trutnov Youth Film Festival has made its mark in the history of Czech cinema by being a regular event from 1963 until the end of the 1980s.
Nowadays it is one of the departments of the cultural facility - the Trutnov Community Centre for Culture and Leisure Uffo.

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Nábřeží Václava Havla 20
541 01 Trutnov

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