Uffo Community Centre

Since the end of 2010, the new Social and Cultural Centre of Trutnov Region has been serving locals and visitors to Trutnov. It is a multifunctional facility, a unique cultural space for theatre, concerts, exhibitions, balls, conventions and other cultural and social events. The centre offers without a doubt the bold and colorful program of the modern international festival Cirk-UFF, held at the turn of May and June.


Trutnov, Uffo Community Centre

Name Uffo

You can enjoy yourself in the local café and park your car in underground garage with about eighty parking spaces for cars. The name of the centre “Uffo” pays tribute to important native of Trutnov - Uffo Horn, who greatly influenced the culture and politics in the region in 19th century.

Construction of the year

The construction of the new Uffo centre began in October 2008. The ceremonial opening of the construction took place by tapping on the foundation stone, which was transported here from the highest mountain in Krkonoše - Sněžka. Thanks to its modern design and variability, the building has won several awards, such as: the Czech republic Construction of the Year  2011, Hradec Králové Region Construction of the Year 2011 or Main Award TOP INVEST 2011. It was also listed as one of the top 168 cultural buildings in the world.

Uffo Gallery

Uffo Gallery is part of the building of the Trutnov Community Center for Culture and Leisure Uffo. The gallery itself is a generous architectural space, which differs from the classic exhibition interiors. The exhibition area covers 300 m2, is framed on the front and sides by the glass surface of the building, and is arched on the inside with an arched wall.

This makes the gallery space airy and transparent. An interesting confrontational area is created here, which is perfect for the presentation of current artistic trends, through new media, installations to design and architecture. The concept of the exhibition projects consists in the presentation of contemporary art, the selection of authors is focused on the young generation, on recognized personalities from the Czech art society and on authors from abroad.

The gallery is located on the first floor and is connected to the ground floor and basement by a staircase and a lift. Thanks to this connection, the interior is accessible and barrier-free. It is designed as a public space that people visit not only as a classic gallery, but also within theater performances, concerts and other cultural and social events.

Sculptor Michal Gabriel

The area in front of the Uffo social centre is decorated with a set of seven bronze sculptures called the group of cheetahs. It is the work of the well-known sculptor Michal Gabriel. His works can also be seen in other places in Trutnov, for example at the Vesmír cinema, where he created a monument to the Czech statesman Václav Havel, or in front of the Trutnov City Gallery, where a silver lion is posing. 

Michal Gabriel's work is interwoven throughout the Czech Republic. He has realized, among others, the monumental gate of the Trade Fair Palace in Prague, the sculpture of a winged leopard above the entrance to the Office of the President of the Republic at Prague Castle, the sculpture of four horses for the water cascade in Dejvice, the interior of the Indonesian jungle pavilion at the Prague Zoo, and in 2022 also the stainless steel monument to Charles IV in Karlovy Vary, which is technologically unique, and other public and private commissions.

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