Monument to General Gablenz

A 20 m high monument in the shape of an obelisk can be found on the top of the Šibeník hill. It commemorates the Battle of Trutnov on June 27, 1866, in which the soldiers of the Austrian X. Army Corps won the battle under the General Ludvík Gablenz’s leadership. It was the only Austrian victory on the northern battlefield in the 1866 war.

Trutnov, Monument to General Gablenz

The monument contains the names of all fallen Austrian officers and the numbers of fallen soldiers from individual units. The victory at Trutnov was a costly victory: the Austrian losses of almost 5,000 soldiers were four times higher than in the Prussians. General Gablenz voluntarily ended his life in Zurich in January 1874. In September 1905, his remains were transported from the Zurich cemetery to Trutnov and placed in the crypt of the memorial. The original tombstone was also brought to Trutnov. 

The memorial is part of the educational trail called “The day of the Battle of Trutnov on June 27, 1866”. The monument today serves as a lookout tower and is open to the public in the summer months.

50.5558858N, 15.9060964E
Opening hours/admission

July, August             Sat, Sun, Mon       11:00 - 18:00

Admission fee         20  CZK/person

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