New Gallery Centre of Contemporary Art EPO1

With its uniqueness, the Centre of Contemporary Art EPO1 will go far beyond the borders of Trutnov, the Hradec Králové Region and, dare we say, the Czech Republic. The newly reconstructed building of the historic first power plant in Trutnov with many original technical equipment is an experience in itself and preserves a strong genius loci for the gallery.

Trutnov, Poříčí, the Centre of Contemporary Art EPO1

The size and technical layout of the new art gallery will allow for large-scale sculptures by contemporary artists. In addition, it will also offer the possibility of creating them on site. More than large-scale works, however, it is about authenticity and timeliness. That is why the gallery is creating a permanent exhibition of artefacts by contemporary young artists. This is a private project of the art patrons, the Kasper family from Trutnov. 
EPO1 opens to the public on 24 May 2023 at 5:00 pm with three exhibitions: Volume - acoustic dimensions in contemporary art, Power Post Station - energy conversion in contemporary visual art and Fresh Power - motives and tendencies of the youngest generation of domestic sculptors.
Admission to the opening is free.

With a bit of exaggeration, it can be said that the deployed workplace of EPO1 is the chapel of St. Josef in Slavětín (Radvanice village, Trutnov district). It is also a newly reconstructed historical building whose interior was furnished with aerial wire figures by Veronika Psotková. ArtPoint is being created on the site, which offers an intimate programme on the first Saturday of every month. It is the Kaspers who connect the two buildings.

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