Weaving mill with museum exhibition

A small private museum with a large weaving and art workshop in the „House under the Ash Tree“ in Trutnov - Voletiny is a place where you can spend an amazing weekend full of creativity. You can learn what really happened to fairy tale mole character “Krteček” and his trousers, knit your own cord using a sprig of flax, try to make a few strikes on a weaving loom or buy a tourist stamp. You can get there by car or on foot.

Trutnov Weaving mill with museum exhibition

Weaving mill with museum exhibition

In the Weaving Mill with a museum exposition, you will find the equipment of many workshops of almost forgotten crafts today. The most important theme is weaving. You will learn a lot about the trade and you will be able to put it to practise on antique machines using a few sprigs of flax. You will yourself make a string for good luck. To the fabric stretched on a loom you could try to add a few rows of your own (strikes). You will be amazed to find out how fine a thread a skilled spinner can achieve on a spinning wheel. The owner of the museum is the holder of the Master of Traditional Handicraft Production Award in the field of weaving, spinning, and wool and flax processing for Hradec Králové Region in 2019.

Art workshop

Part of the weaving mill is an art workshop. Here, visitors will make in a short time their own souvenir, such as a soap, a felt wool angel or paint a ceramic mug or T-shirt. It is also possible to come to a particular weekend workshop dedicated to one of the crafts. Weekends with loom weaving, sewing, weaving baskets out of wicker or rattan are held there. Some of the courses are classified as accredited training courses.

Regular events

Easter at the museum

- on the Saturday before Palm Sunday, in a beautiful spring atmosphere, eggs are painted, gingerbread is decorated, Easter whips are knitted, wicker decorations are created as well as wire and bead ornaments. After the winter closure of the museum, visitors are the first to see what's prepared for the upcoming season.

Krkonoše trades and crafts in the days of our ancestor’s 

- in the middle of summer, in the house and in the garden, there are individual workshops, where under the guidance of experienced lecturers you can create with your own hands a painting, wire product, ceramic bowl, a wicker basket or a wooden darning mushroom on a medieval spring lathe and much more.

Christmas in the museum

– The beginning of Advent is here, and you need to decorate your household with beautiful decorations, make small gifts, greeting cards or name tags and decorate gingerbread. This is possible in the weaving mill, where the instructors are ready to help. You will not only learn, but also experience what people in olden days used to talk about and delight in.

50.5857928N, 15.9374661E
Opening hours/admission

May - June 

Please arrange the visit of museum or workshop by email in advance.

tel. 736 27 50 25, email:

July - August 

Wednesday - Saturday 10 am - 4 pm, please arrange another time in advance

Admision fee

Visit of museum:

  • Adults 90 CZK
  • Children and students 60 CZK
  • Family fee 240 CZK
  • Individual term out of opening hours  + 50%

Art workshop:

  • 90 CZK per product



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Trutnov -Voletiny

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