Voletiny Circuit

A pleasant and quiet tourist walk leads along maintained forest and field paths. Follow the yellow-white tourist sign from the Voletiny village, keep walking first through the village stopping at the renovated stations of the cross. Then continue to the forest, meadows and fields.

The total length of the walk is 8.4 km with minimum elevation difference. The circuit is suitable for all age groups. There is a possibility of parking on site.

Trutnov, Voletiny Circuit, Chaple of St. Josef and Voletinský cemetery


While the path is simple and easy you will come across many interesting things. Because the local restaurant is opened (mainly for locals) only in the evenings and on weekend afternoons we suggest taking a good snack with you and refresh yourself in the forest gazebo. We definitely recommend planning an extra hour to visit the Weaving Mill with a museum exhibition. The tour will lift up your spirits.


  1. School – the first wooden school was built in 1788 in building no.13. The new building in its current form was built in 1871.
  2. The stations of the cross – it was renovated at the expense of the town of Trutnov in 2006. It consists of sandstone columns with a metal cross and a coloured picture. The original paintings painted on a sheet metal have not been preserved and the newer ones are the copies of pictures intended for teaching religion.
  3. Gazebo – it was built by Forestry department of the Czech Republic and you will find it about 600 m from the turning point of the circuit. It offers rest, shelter, sitting, a fireplace and the possibility of preparing your own barbeque to make your trip special.
  4. Calvary - calvary together with statues of St. John and Mary the virgin was crafted by the Trutnov stone sculpturer Spatenka in 1891 and sponsored by the Rudolf family from Voletiny. It was completely restored by the Trutnov council in 2004. The texts are reconstructed from the original remnants.
  5. Weaving mill with a museum exhibition in the house under the ash tree – not far from calvary there is an interactive museum (one of the few reminders of the famous Trutnov weaving past), where you can see displays of weaving looms and ordinary rural life necessities from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Most of the exhibits you can touch and feel how they work. There is also an art workshop. Tours:  May – September from Tuesday to Saturday, 10 am to 3 pm or by appointment., tel. 736275025
  6. Chapel of St. Václav - it is the contemporary sacred building built by local businessman Mr. Luboš Burkon and sponsored by the Farmers company. The building was nominated for the Construction of the Year 2016 award. The walls are made of irregular sandstone masonry, the roof is made of wooden beams and planks.
  7. Stone Cross -  the cross in Mentzlova Street with a relief of Pieta dates from 1898 and its author was F. Spatenka from Trutnov. The original German texts were vandalized after 1945, so it is no longer possible to determine their original meaning. The cross was restored in 2002-3.
  8. Chaple of St. Josef and Voletinský cemetery – a small church built and sponsored by the village in the years 1896–1897 to serve the citizens of Voletiny for religious purpose. It is a pseudo-Romanesque single-nave building with a square floor plan. The reconstruction of the church began in 2004 and was consecrated again on March 22, 2009.
  9. Memorial of the fallen in the 1st world war - It was crafted in Emil Schwantner sculptural workshop and was unveiled in 1924. The granite plaques list the names of a total of 22 fallen, 9 casualties and 6 missing inhabitants of Voletiny. After the war it was neglected and in 2004 it underwent reconstruction.