Adventure playgrounds

You are on holiday and your children are old enough to play themselves but not yet independent, an adventure playground or traffic park is just the right place for them. A large, fenced area of the Leisure Centre in Niva together with other areas, playgrounds, benches and variety of games, is literally an el-dorado for small rascals.  A small café is a bonus for their parents.

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Adventure playground

Adventure playground

A so-called 3D maze for children is there to experience an adrenaline adventure. It is suspended in the treetops of mature trees and on wooden poles. The two-storey maze consists of nine obstacles (tunnel, crossbars, pyramid…), which are connected by small stations. The first floor is located at a height of 4 meters. On the second floor you can reach almost 7 meters.

All obstacles are secured by safety nets. The maze full of fun is challenging for 6-year-old children as well as adult visitors. For younger visitors there is a playground located right next to the main building. At the same time, they can use an artificial rock tower and a playground slide, which is free.

  • Duration: one entry approx. 20 minutes
  • Target group: up to 6 years accompanied by parents, children from 6 years up under the parent’s supervision
  • Open: all week from April to September

Traffic park

The traffic park will give you a chance to learn traffic rules while you play. The playground has a bitumen surface and meets all the requirements for quality traffic education. It is possible to use your own bicycle, scooter, balance bike or a cart that can be hired for a fee.

Wearing a bicycle helmet and adhering to safety rules is absolute necessity and parents’ responsibility.

  • Duration: no limit, the carts can be hired for half an hour.
  • In operation: all year round.

Children's playroom

You will never get bored in SVČ even in wintertime when outdoor areas are closed. There will be activities prepared in children's playroom in the gym area during weekends. Visitors of all ages will find lots to enjoy here. In the entrance area there is a space for parents to buy a drink and for children who like to draw. One part is dedicated to the little ones, a safe space where they can crawl about and discover various bits and pieces. The next part is the biggest landmark, a bouncy castle with a slide, which is designed for children 3 years and older. In the next part of the gym, you will find a mini football or floorball arena and 
table tennis. This part is designated mainly for school-age children.

  • Open: all weekends from November to April