Colourful autumn in Trutnov

Just as October colours the trees, Trutnov also offers a wide range of autumn experiences. The streets of the town will be lit up with the last frolics and the quiet and cosy Weavers' Museum in the House under the Ash Tree is organising a unique series of courses on traditional crafts of the Krkonoše Mountains.
Everyone according to their interest come and take a look.

Trutnov, Rýbrcoul , Beet harvest or why Rýbrcoul counts beets, colourful autumn in Trutnov

Beet harvest - or Why Rýbrcoul counts the beets - 1. 10.

Rýbrcoul, the Lord of the Mountains, whom we call Krakonoš today and to whom we have attributed the kindly nature and the appearance of a wise old man, will descend in his original horned form with a procession of forest fairy creatures among the townspeople and will start his roars.

There is a plethora of events and performances lined up for the day.

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Further information

Those who cannot attend the whole course can also sign up for individual seminars. It is a good idea to reserve a place for the whole programme and individual seminars as well in advance by emailing

The seminars are free of charge and are co-financed by the State Environmental Fund of the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic and the town of Trutnov.

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