Old Trutnov legends walk

The town of Trutnov has a unique collection of legends, written by the local chronicler Simon Hüttel in the 16th century. This walk will take you through all those memorable places. However, it is not just ordinary tracking of legends, it will take you to locations that are worth exploring. It is above all a beautiful city park, the city centre and especially the noteworthy Dragon Alley.

Trutnov, Old Trutnov legends walk, Dragon Alley

The walk starts at Krakonoš Square near the Old Town Hall. It is connected with the The Scholz legend. He was a wealthy fellow in the 16th century who plotted various plans to get wealthy. But it didn't pay off for him. Even after his death, he ran around Trutnov and scared the locals.

Further steps lead to Havlíčkova street to house no. 8, where the Luminous Treasure is said to be hidden. However, you would try in vain to find it. The legend says that only the eleventh owner of the house will succeed.

Walking down through the narrow alley, crossing the main road, and turning right, you will reach the City Park, where there is an entrance to the underground next to a wide staircase (guarded by a dragon). According to legend somewhere around this place, the gold mine Gold mine at the foot of Chmelnice hill should have been found. But after much digging, no gold was discovered. They only came across a spring of underground water. Wouldn´t we consider that a treasure nowadays?

Let´s get back to the town centre. You will walk across the “U studny” car park to Pražská Street. The Upper Gate with fire alarm bells was located here.  Unfortunately, these bells rang too often. According to the legend, two additional bells were added to announce the end of evening drinking sessions in the pubs. The legend describes them as Two beer bells.

To find out about the fifth legend, The secret of the Trutnov Church, you will have to walk all the way to the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary. The church is said to have shone a bright light around midnight. Apparently, a fiery apparition used to be seen here. However, this secret remains undiscovered.

The story of a headless horseman was experienced by a military retiree when he was picking up stored seedlings close by what used to be a cemetery located in the place of today's town hall.

Go down past the town hall and turn left again. The only reminder of the former Dragon Street, one of the most memorable places in Trutnov, had to give way to modern buildings. Right at its entrance, in the medieval past, The Thief Tower was built. As the name suggests, looters lived and raged around here.

At the entrance to the Dragon Alley there is an information board where you can read about the history of the alley and the famous story about the Defeat of the Trutnov Dragon. A little further on, you will learn from the pedestal under the iron beast that the dragon is actually a blessing for this city.

This is where our walk ends. If you want to know more about the Trutnov dragon, please visit the Dragon Gallery. You will certainly not regret it.

Another way how to find out more about the legends is to download the Geufun application to your smartphone and, with a playfull little dragon story “A ride with a dragon” set off on a journey along the Dragon Alley.