Town Statues walk

The town centre is a National Heritage Site. Take a pleasant walk around almost the entire historic centre and you will discover many interesting statues. The route is not marked, so it is necessary to follow a guidebook or map, both of which can be obtained at the TIC or downloaded from the internet.


Trutnov, Town Statues walk

The walk starts at the Tourist Information Centre (TIC) on Krakonoš Square. In the description of the route, the individual statues are numbered. For more information go to the Trutnov website.

Krakonoš Square

The Dragon (1) hangs on the tower of the Old Town Hall between the months of May and September as a reminder of the legend describing the founding of the town.
The statue of Krakonoš (2) is in the middle of the square in a granite fountain on a sandstone rock depicted in a very classical German style.
Another dominant feature is the Column of the Holy Trinity (3) and the statue of Joseph II. (4), who personally visited Trutnov twice.
A great curiosity is a rock from the river Amazon (5) located in the upper right corner of the square as a part of a memorial plaque in front of the Municipal Library.

Continue to the lower left corner of the square, walk through the arcade of Bulharská Street, and then turn left to the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary.

By the church

A Baroque sculpture of the Holy Family (6) is situated between the church and the Podkrkonoší Museum along the town walls.

In the restaurant Pod Hradem, directly below the museum above the inner entrance door, there is the oldest Renaissance depiction of the city emblem.

Walk from the church in the direction of the distinctive white town hall building. Near the clock there is temporarily located a sculpture of a Lion (7).

Turn left and walk downhill along Slezská Street and then turn left again into Dračí ulička (Dragon Alley). The information panel at the entrance will provide comprehensive information about the beginnings of Trutnov and the history of Dračí ulička.

Dragon Alley

It is in the most important place in the mythology of the town, with the sculpture as a reminder of the Dragon (8).

Going down from Dračí ulička (Dragon Alley), take the stairs to Vodní Street, pass the Vesmír cinema and continue along the Václav Havel Embankment and follow in Dolní Promenáda along the Úpa river towards the stone bridge. Take the stairs to the left and after a few steps you will find yourself at Náměstí Republiky (Republic Square). The dominant feature of the square, the Trutnov Community Centre for culture and entertainment - Uffo will open in front of you. Walk along the centre and follow the path leading to the pedestrian zone which will take you to Krakonoš Square.

Pedestrian zone 

In front of the Uffo centre you will come across the group of cheetahs (9).
A baroque sculpture of the martyrdom of St. Jan Nepomucký (10) is located on the site of the former Millrace (Mlýnský náhon), which is currently replaced by a modern water feature. 

Turn right and walk towards Hotel Krakonoš. On the other side of the street you will see the Bust of Wilhelm Kiesewetter (11), the editor-in-chief of the Trautenauer Echo newspaper and opposite is St. Florian, the patron saint of firefighters and the fire protector (12).

Take the stairs on the left, which are part of the remains of the city walls, turn to the left and walk down the hill then turn to the right and go straight ahead via the pedestrian mall, which will take you back to Krakonoš Square. The walk then continues across the square, past the statue of Josef II towards the far-right corner, walk through the narrow alley, across the main road and turn to the right to the city park.


There are three remarkable sculptures in the park, namely a fountain with a sculpture of a dragon (13), which was located in the main square until the end of the 19th century, a memorial to Uffo Horn (14) a local poet and revolutionary in 1848, and Dance of Death (15) a replica monument to the soldiers lost in World War I.

This is the end of the walk called "From statue to statue in the city centre".

Where to go next

However, you can choose to continue along the nature trail "Day of the Battle of Trutnov June 27, 1866", where there are many monuments and memorials dedicated to this important historical event.

You may also just stroll through the park, where you will find a number of memorial plaques commemorating important personalities from the Trutnov region. 

Another option is to take a walk to the city cemetery where there are several important monuments.


The walk starts at the Tourist Information Centre (TIC) on Krakonoš Square.